15 March 2014

Another tenant collaboration: Bruiser Theatre Company

Here at the Beat Carnival Centre, we don’t just like to hire out office and workshop space to tenants – we like to play with them too! So earlier this week we had the brilliant Stephen Beggs of much-loved Bruiser Theatre Company delivering an outdoor performance workshop, in preparation for our St Patrick’s Day carnival parade on Sunday 16th March. Some of the Bruiser academy graduates will be performing alongside our custom-built DeLorean as some Doc-Brown-esque mad scientists – don’t let them near your plutonium!

Bruiser’s current show is The Nose, a hilarious adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s classic short story. The comedy, written by and starring Patrick J. O’Reilly, shines a merciless light on the murky world of bureaucracy, in a fun, fast, visually exciting and very funny show. See dates and more info here and keep up to date with Bruiser’s goings-on at their blog: www.bruisertheatrecompany.com/bruiser-blog.html