Damian Mills

Areas of Work
  • Carnival & event concepts, planning, design & implementation
  • Bespoke carnival performances, teaching and leading large parades to small scale events
  • Percussion education - a teacher's teacher in Brazilian and ensemble drumming
  • Project management
  • Event administration/budgeting
  • Networking and sector development for carnival arts & carnival drumming
  • Session percussionist

For 18 years Damian has been learning Brazilian drumming; he says he will never stop learning. He joined the Beat as a music artist in 1994, having picked up workshop skills whilst teaching circus for three years. In 2004, he created the Beatndrum samba band for the Beat Carnival. Since then, and through working with the Beat on numerous national and international projects, he has become recognised as a leading developer of cutting-edge percussion performance, specialising in carnival drumming. He has extensive experience in scoring and teaching music for small- and large-scale percussion ensembles, and always seeks to integrate new sounds and new ideas into the heart of Northern Irish drumming. 

Damian draws on collaborations with artists and musicians nationally and internationally to create new, high-quality performance opportunities. His background in psychology and his many years of teaching percussion throughout Ireland and the UK have given him a deep understanding of rhythm education within groups. Damian says he is "always seeking new paths to original, interesting and inclusive art, so that others may have fun, be enthused and get creative to the highest levels".