Beat Carnival

Creativity. Collaboration. Celebration.

Beat Carnival is an independent arts company comprising the Beat Initiative charity and a social enterprise, Beat Trading, which raises income for our charitable activities. Our role is to create and produce carnival arts, organise and direct performances, train and develop artists and encourage community participation and ambition. Beat Carnival operates from the Beat Carnival Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. From this world-class carnival centre of excellence, we deliver many free workshops and training programmes, from drumming to costume design, dance to puppetry. In this way, we help develop creative skills for all, with participants as young as four and as old as - well, we wouldn't like to say! This is all part of our commitment to developing skills and new artforms and building capacity in our communities and the carnival sector as a whole. Want to hire us to design and stage an event for you, coordinate an outreach programme or provide professional entertainers? See our services page. Want to come take part in our skills-building courses? Read what's on offer at our activities pages.

The Beat Carnival Centre is a safe space for fantastic ideas, arts activities and the carnival community. We produce spectacular, participative carnival arts in ways that leave a legacy of creative skills, collaboration and celebration in our communities. Projects beneficially engage the imagination of a broad range of audience from all sections of the community. The Beat Carnival produces events that underline carnival’s place on the creative landscape. 


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