Beat Street Choir

What is it?

The street choir is a new singing group being formed by the Beat Carnival to perform at various events throughout the year. Noteable events are:

  • Belfast St Patrick’s Day Carnival Parade - 16th March
  • Lisburn Carnival - 10th May
  • Belfast Culture Night - 19th September

Participants do not need to commit to all performances but we do hope to develop a core group of singers who might be involved at the events throughout the year.

Who can get involved?

Anyone with an interest in or a passion for singing! No experience necessary and all ages are welcome.

What will happen in rehearsals?

In rehearsals for Belfast St Patrick’s Day Carnival Parade we will work on learning a newly-written song with a Belfast theme. We will do a group warm-up and work on singing techniques, harmonies, rhythms and performance. Participants will be welcome to put forward ideas for the performance or for the song.

Are participants required to read music?

No, it is not required. We will have sheet music available for those who prefer it but we will also work by ear. Recordings of parts can be made for people to rehearse at home.

What are open rehearsals?

Open rehearsals are for anyone to come along and join in. We believe that everyone is a singer and should feel free to express themselves through music. People are free to come along and give it a try with no commitment necessary. 

When are rehearsals?

Open rehearsals will be held on:

Saturday 15th Feb 2-5pm
Monday 17th Feb 7-8.30pm
Saturday 22nd Feb 2-5pm
Monday 24th Feb 7-9pm

Participants do not need to attend all of these rehearsals but are welcome at any time.

All these rehearsals will be held at Beat Carnival Centre, 11-47 Boyd Street, Belfast, BT13 2GU.

There will also be rehearsals held with The Carnival Band on March 2nd 2-6pm and provisionally on March 15th 2-6pm. These rehearsals are really important and it will be the only time that the full group can rehearse together!

Beat Carnival Musician-in-Residence Katie Richardson will also visit choirs and lead rehearsals during their regular rehearsal times.

What happens on performance day? (St Patrick’s Day Carnival Parade)

We will meet at Belfast City Hall at 10.30am on Sunday 16th March for a soundcheck and to get into costume. The parade leaves at 12 noon and will be over at 1pm.

The Carnival Band will be performing on a float and the choir will walk along beside it performing the song. Everyone will be in costume and it will be lots of fun!