Charlotte Turk

Charlotte is a Solicitor and joined the board in June 2015.

Frank Galbraith

Frank has been on the Board for many years. He runs his own business providing accountancy services. Frank acts as the accountant for a number of charitable organisations.

Graham McFarlane

Graham is a retired academic. He joined the Board in February 2018. Graham taught and researched anthropology. He was Associate Dean of the Faculty and Associate Director of Education for History and Anthropology. He has chaired and directed many education-related committees and boards. Post-retirement, Graham has been a member of the Consultative Forum for AgeNI, acting as peer facilitator and ambassador for the organisation. Over the last decade he has volunteered for a wide range of arts events – eg Festival of Fools, Beat Carnival Village, Belfast Mela, West Belfast Festival, East Belfast Festival and has been learning circus skills through Streetwise Community Circus’s “Ageility Programme”.

Jonathan Hodge

Jonathan joined the Board in 2015 and became Chair in 2016. Jonathan has a wide range of entrepreneurial, community and arts experience. He runs festivals and conferences, operates artist employment and social enterprise projects. Jonathan is Director of NI Directory.


Peter Ferris


Peter is a Relationship Director Barclays bank and joined the board in May 2015.

Sheelagh Colclough


Sheelagh is an artist and researcher. She was appointed to the Board in February 2018. Sheelagh has long experience of work with Beat on community arts and events teams, and is currently working at a PhD on socially engaged practise. She is on the Board of Blue Drum arts company, Dublin.