The Carnival Community: about our Partners & Participants

Ballynafeigh Community Development Association

Ballynafeigh Community Development Association is a mature community development organisation based in South Belfast, right at the area where Belfast Carnival Village is happening. It was established in 1974, and in the 40 years since then the Association’s work has focused on its role as a multi-purpose organisation, operating a resource centre and acting as a catalyst for the creation and delivery of social actions to tackle disadvantage and address issues that impact on development and quality of life matters for vulnerable individuals and groups.


Denmark Street Community Centre

Denmark Street Community Centre is located in the Lower Shankill area of Belfast, neighbouring Beat Carnival Centre. The association and has been operating as a voluntary community facility for nearly 40 years. The management committee is made up of a core group of volunteers with additional volunteers helping out with specific activities and projects, for example the Annual Summer Scheme. In 2006, Belfast City Council took over the ownership of the Centre, which in 2008  was re-opened by then Social Development Minister, Margaret Ritchie. Denmark Community Centre is supporting the Council to achieve its objectives in terms of children and young people, good relations and securing the future.


Community/Arts – Groups in the BCV Community Programme

3D Dance

Action Deaf Youth Drummers

An Droichead After Schools Club

Annandale Community Group Dancers

Arlington Nursing Home

Ballynafeigh Youth Group

BeatStyle -Tiny Beat & Junior Beat

Mini BeatNDrum

Beat Boppers

Hemsworth Court

La Chance De Danser

LORAG Intercultural Mum’s Group

LORAG Children’s Group

LORAG Family Drumming Group

Mountcollyer Youth Club

Nazareth House Care Village

St Clare’s Primary School

St Michael’s Primary School


Babcock and Bobbins

Babcock and Bobbins have performed all over Ireland with their traditional circus show that incorporates a good mix of slapstick comedy and circus skills including Fire Juggling, Giraffe Unicycle, Stilt Walking, Rola Bola and Fire Breathing. There are plenty of opportunities for audience participation in an experience that the whole family will enjoy.


Beat Jazz Band

Beat Jazz Band first came on the scene for Beat's Day of the Dead event in 2012 and have played at many of our events since then. The band is made up of top-class jazz musicians who play the 2nd line, New Orleans style. You will hear strong melodies, interweaving counter-melodies, tailgate trombone and the rhythmic-off beat of the snare drum.


Belfast Community Circus - Youth Circus

From humble beginnings meeting on a patch of grass every Saturday, the Youth Circus now has over 190 members meeting on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays – but now in a state of the art circus building. There are seven sessions each week of the school year where members learn how to juggle, walk on stilts, spin diabolos, perform acrobatic manoeuvres, walk the tightwire and perform on the trapeze.  A troupe of these talented young people will be performing a Cabaret style show featuring acrobatics, juggling, contortion and unicycling. You will also see performers from the Circus’ programmes at Hammer Resource Centre and Suffolk Community Centre showing off their circus skills.


Beyond Skin & Music Unite

Mauricio Velezsierra & Heidi Heidelberg

Both are WOMADNI independent facilitators and also tour as duo

Mauricio, a top-class musician and flute player from Colombia was last over in Belfast working with Shankill Road Defenders on the Music Unite project.

Music Unite video:

Julius Mitchell,

world class beatboxer, has flown-in from Sri Lanka. Something new will be happening at BCV when Julius performs as beatboxer with: 

Ballymacarrett Defenders Flute Band

A musician from Portland, USA, was on placement with Beyond Skin from January to April this year. He has written: "I came to Beyond Skin without a great deal of understanding about the role of Loyalist flute bands in the culture of Northern Ireland. Over my three months working in the Music Unite programme with the Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster, the North Down Defenders, and the Shankill Road Defenders, I have come to a much better understanding of the role of music in Northern Ireland’s history, and what role it ought to play in its future. Coming to Belfast from the United States, with only a cursory knowledge of flute bands and the Loyalism that informs them, connotations surrounding the groups trended toward the negative. I am happy to say that through working with the bands I have come to a much more well-rounded understanding. Beneath everything else these guys are musicians, they love to play, perform, and learn. As a musician myself I immediately found a sense of empathy rising in my bones: these guys just want to play music, you can’t ask them to give that up. Music is something elemental, it is intense and essential. Once music becomes a part of a person’s life it transforms into something necessary, profound and fulfilling. Flute bands feel that they have gotten a bad rap in the way they are stereotyped. Some people and communities do experience a sense of threat. The intense connection to music can’t outweigh a person’s right to feel safe in their own home. So what is the answer, how do we resolve this issue? The best way to address the issues at hand has to be transformation…” 

…and we will leave the story there for now, but that’s what Beyond Skin, Music Unite and other such initiatives are working at… experiments in music for understanding, transformation and moving forwards.

Oasis Youth Group

Oasis Youth Group - Portuguese dancers. They recently took part in Beyond Skin’s WOMADNI programme working with the Jamaican artist, Ripton.


Kids in Control

Kids in Control will be in the Quiet Garden. KIC peer leaders and the all-ability Core Ensemble will welcome everyone to participate in calming movement and mime.


La Chancer de Danser

Kellie Storey’s LCDD will perform Hip Hop / Street Dance Crew Routines by Tiny Dancers / Karnage dance crew & their Champions Beatz Dance Crew.


Laganvale Brass Band

Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band will be entertaining with a wide and varied selection of brass band music.


Magic George

Magic George is an award winning performer, comedian, magician, balloon artist and writer based in Belfast. See his performances for children and family audiences.


The Gathering Drum - Drum Circle

Give it stacks at the the open drum circles with The Gathering Drum!  Have a laugh, play some rhythm games… and make up your own.