Beginners' course in Maracatu

Weekly Monday 30 September - 16 December 2013
Starts Monday 30 September 2013 - 18:00 to 20:00
Photo of Maracatu performers drumming

An introductory course in Maracatu, a folkloric style of percussion from the north east of Brazil. Come and learn the intertwining funky grooves as well as song and some dance moves.

Maracatu is a developed genre with many rhythmical signatures that define it in it's own right - i.e it's not samba!

The instruments we will be using are:

  • Alfaia (a wooden rope tuned bass drum)
  • Caixa (snare)
  • Gonguê (a large iron bell)
  • Shekere ( a gourd and bead shaker)
  • Timbal (a tall hand drum with a plastic head)

Damian Mills and Matt Vernon will be teaching this course on a weekly basis beginning on Monday 30th September running until Monday 9th December.

This course should give you a good knowledge of the musical conventions involved with the genre and enable you play at large Maracatu events such as Notting Hill Carnival, and the European Maracatu Encontro that is coming to Limerick in 2014.

Matt Vernon,, 02890434767