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We Are All Patrick - Beat Carnival's St Patrick's Day Pageant

Thursday 17th March 2022
Parade assembly at Belfast City Hall – leaving at 1pm​

Patrick dons a huge cloak, elegantly patchwork-fashioned by people throughout Belfast. Patrick sets off on a journey through the City, together with giant hound, Spiorad (spirit of adventure) and a cavalcade of carnival dancers, circus artists and musicians. All manner of individuals and community organisations burst from City Hall gates celebrating their part in the future, varied and different yet strongly united by the instinct for moving forwards together – proclaiming that We Are All Patrick, We Are All Belfast. 

Parade Route

The pageant parade will leave from Belfast City Hall  and will travel along Donegall Place, into High Street, Bridge Street, Waring Street and finish on Donegall Street close to Writers Square. Please note some temporary traffic measures along the city centre route will be in place to allow the Pageant Parade to pass safely between 1pm – 2.30pm on 17 March.



Alongside pageant performance sessions for ‘We Are All Patrick’, Beat Carnival is inviting groups to be part of the leading section of the parade, ‘We Are All Belfast’. We aim to provide two arts workshops to each participating group – to make banners or props and have some performance guidance. If your group would like to take part in this workshop programme for the event on 17th March, contact Beat Carnival. Places are limited.

Help Make Patrick's Giant Cloak

Make at home, with your group, or at drop-in sessions at 2 Royal Avenue 
Help create Patrick’s huge cloak (over 4.5 metres high!) which is being elegantly patchwork-fashioned by people throughout Belfast. There are two ways to make a patch – by creating something with yarn, or by drawing or painting on fabric.
• Knitting – yarn work
If you knit or crochet, send us a swatch or a square to help create a fabulous motif for St Patrick’s cloak. Aim to make pieces 5 to 7 inches  / approximately 15 centimetres square, in shades of red or purple. This is for Patrick’s giant cloak that is 15’ / 4.6 metres high x 10’ / 3.1 metres wide. This is a centrepiece of the city-centre pageant – so the richer your colour the better. Any style of stitch, any pattern: your favourite, or something new you want to try out. Images and words are fine, just try to stick to the red-purple colour palette.
• Fabric painting / sewing
Cut a piece of cloth into panels approx A4 size – an old sheet, shirt or T-shirt will be fine, as long as it’s plain. Write or draw something which tells us a little about who you are. What do you love, where do you like to be, what are you most proud of, what do you dream? Who are you? Use lots of colour, and make your designs as bold as you can – we need people to be able to see ‘you’ from the side of the street as Patrick passes.
Make a patch with us at 2 Royal Avenue on the 15th, 19th or 25th February. 
There are a small number of facilitated sessions available for groups, so if you would like your community group to take part in one of these please email
Getting the pieces to us:
Once your pieces are complete, you can drop them at Beat Carnival Centre; at 2 Royal Avenue; or at Strand Arts Centre. We need them by Friday 25th February, to make into Patrick’s cloak. 
On 17th March see Patrick don the cloak in the WE ARE ALL PATRICK Pageant leaving City Hall at 1pm. 

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Hugh Brown is the Creative Performance Director of WE ARE ALL PATRICK, Hugh explains the inspiration and aim for this year’s ‘pilot’ event for a new St Patrick’s festival in Belfast (10-19 March). Beat Carnival’s pageant is a step in a larger plan to create a St Patrick’s Parade for everyone in and around the city and all those who might join us from abroad. We are involving and inspiring people of all backgrounds and abilities to entertain and captivate audiences and to promote an inclusive and forward-looking experience of St Patrick’s Day in Belfast. 

Beat Carnival’s pageant is a step in a larger plan to create a new St Patrick’s Parade for Belfast: a colourful, carnival of costume, music, dance, circus and theatrical performance; a spectacle of creativity, fun and challenge proclaiming WE ARE ALL PATRICK, WE ARE ALL BELFAST. 

The Pageant is one of four pilot projects developing a new two-week long Belfast St Patrick’s Day festival for Belfast City Council , along with project partners.

The 2022 pilot programme is 10-20 March. 

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