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Light Up The Road event times, 1st December 2017

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It's Lantern Parade Week!

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St Patrick and the Dinosaurs might have been a new one for some, and a bit hard to swallow (quite bony) but you’ve heard of St PATRICK and the ZOETROPE… right? Well you have now. It’s more to do with the BELFAST theme of the Parade, mind, rather than St Pat himself.

Dippy Diplodocus has been hanging around a long time, waiting for an invite to visit Belfast – like around 150 million years.

Of course there are no snakes in Ireland – because they were banished by St Patrick. There are (almost) no dinosaur remains known from Ireland either, so perhaps St Patrick banished them too? But Ulster Museum curator, Dr Mike Simms, offers a scientific explanation for the lack of snakes and dinosaurs.

Pigs, sheep, maybe snakes, but... what about a dinosaur? Yes, there will be one in the Parade -- and there is a connection!

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P.S. here's a clue: the dino is called Dippy.