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The Puppet Family at last year's Lantern Parade was a project in the BelBoBru Programme with:

East Belfast Lantern Parade 2003 poster

The first Lantern Parade event "Making Light" took place in December 2003. A couple of months prior to that, Beat took 12 artists on a residential visit to Welfare State International in Cumbria, to see the Ulverston Lantern Festival. WSI started the Lantern Parade there, over 20 years ago, after seeing lanterns in Japan.

Carnival Centre Luton

Paul Anderson, Executive Director, will be at our Launch of the UK's first National Carnival Centre on Friday, October 24, 2008.

Also see Luton Carnival Arts Development Trust website 

Jazzmin writes about Carnival Creations...

My name is Jazzmin McClure. I am 17 years old and am studying A level, drama, English literature and religious studies in Lagan College, Belfast.

Journeying to a Carnival Arts Centre of Excellence. Activating a Plan - a Centre for Carnival Arts in Belfast. A company that wants to stay relevant in a changing city must change too: we stretch our skin, burst it, grow another.

What is Carnival?

Carnival celebrates the rich and diverse nature of our culture(s), giving both participants and spectators a special sense of identity in which religion and politics play no part. It is a colourful, joyful spectacle promising to entertain, delight and welcome all.