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Take part in creating the first Shankill Lantern Parade – and Light Up The Road for Christmas!

Invitation to:

Lantern Making Workshop  Tuesday, 22nd November, 6:15 to 8:15pm

Tuesday 22nd
OPEN LANTERN MAKING WORKSHOP on TUESDAY evening, 6:15 to 8:15pm 22nd November at Beat Carnival Centre, Brown Square. All ages. Free. 

There are worksheets in the Resources section of the website here. The lantern making instructions can be viewed and downloaded here:

Pyramid-Lantern worksheet.pdf

Take part in creating the first Shankill Lantern Parade – and light up The Road for Christmas!


This is additional to the activities in programme already announced and that is being printed.

BCV Site Map 16 May 2016

Beat Carnival Newsletter is out now.

The Newsletter is HERE

DCAL Arts Strategy 2016-26 Consultation

You are invited to join the Beat Carnival's workshop programme for the St Patrick's Day Carnival Parade 2016 on Thursday 17th March at 12 noon. 

Beat Carnival has received funding from Creative & Cultural Fund for Belfast, to create and produce Belfast Carnival Village in Ormeau Park, Saturday 25th June 2016.

Belfast Carnival Village a new creative project for Belfast

29 July 2015 17:07 -- Rebecca

Belfast Carnival Village will transform an area in Ormeau Park in June 2016 into a colourful carnival village, a theatrical set with structures that depict Belfast landmarks such as H&W Cranes and Albert Clock where carnival acts, performances and workshops involving 1,000 community participants from local communities across Belfast will attract an audience of 10,000- 15,000