Project Team & Event Artists

Beat Carnival is working with over 700 people in the production of Belfast Carnival Village, not including site contractors, volunteer team, security and other support agencies. It would be difficult to name everyone, so apologies if names that you think should be in the lists here have been missed out. 


Project Core Team

David Boyd - Director

Jean Boyd - Operations Manager

Jillian Thompson - Production Manager

Matt Vernon - Carnival Artist & Drum Lead

John Quinn - Lead Artist / Manager

Rebecca Boyd - Programme Coordinator

Andrew Moore - Social Media Coordinator

Stephen Bamford - Artist

Kathryn Boyle - Artist

Christine Boyle - Artist

Lisa Dunne - Artist

Colin Reid - Music Lead

Katie Richardson - Choir

Helen Hall - Choreography

Jazzmin McClure - Choreography

Sheena Kelly - Choreography

Anetka Murawska - Choreography


Arts and Community Programme Facilitators

All above plus:

Anne Quail - Artist

Anne-Marie Taggart - Artist

Ash Reynolds - Artist

Bronagh Duffy - Percussion

Conor Tehan - Percussion 

Damian Mills - Percussion

Elisabeth Higginson - Dance

Emma Hawthorne - Artist

Jamie Harper - Artist

Kirstie Toman - Dance 

Matt Jamison - Percussion

Matt Vernon - Percussion

Megan O'Kane - Choir

Mike Smith - Artist

Paula O'Reilly - Dance

Rosie Moore - Artist

Sally Young - Artist

Sandra Robinson - Artist

Sheelagh Colclough - Artist

Trisha Campbell - Artist


Event Artists and Performers 

Anne Quail - Artist

Ash Reynolds - Artist

Babcock & Bobins  - Performer

Ballymacarrett Defenders Flute Band

Beat Carnival Choir

Beat Jazz Band, Michael Barkely, Lead - Musicians

BEATnDRUM - Samba 

Belfast Community Circus, Youth Circus - Performers

Belfast Guitar Orchestra  - Musicians

Beyond Skin - Musicians

Bouble Trouble

Brian John Spencer - Artist

Brothers Dimm: Mike Smith & Mike McNulty - Performers

Bruiser Theatre Company

Caitlin Magnall-Kearns - Performer

Colin Dunlop - Performer

Dan Leith - Performer

Debbie McCormack - Performer

Ed Reynolds - Artist

Emma Hawthorne - Artist

Fiona McLoughlin - Artist

Glen Molloy - Artist

Grant McParland - Performer

James Bamford - Performer

Jamie Harper  - Performer

Jenny Groves - Performer

John Rubery - Artist

JOSH Indian Folk Dance & Bollywood Dancers

Joshua Magee  - Performer

Julius Mitchell - Beatboxer

Jumping Clay

Kerrie Hanna - Performer

Kev Largey - Artist

Kids in Control

Laganvale Brass Band - Musicians

Lauren Thoburn - Artist

Luminous Soul - Open Arts Dancers

Magic George  - Performer

Mary Stewart - Artist

Mauricio Velezsierra & Heidi Heidelberg - Musicians

Natalie Murphy  - Performer

NI Stars

Oasis Youth Group - Dancers

Open Arts - Musicians

Paul Taylor - Performer

Rachel Sofley - Artist

Raditya Santosa  - Performer

Richard Geddis - Performer

Rohan Young & bodhran players - Musicians

Romy McKeever - Performer

Rosie Moore - Story teller

Sally Young - Artist

Sandra Robinson - Artist

Stephen Beggs - Performer

Steve Wilson - Performer

Tanya Kirk - Artist

The Gathering Drum 

Trisha Campbell - Artist

Ulster Youth Orchestra - Musicians


Supporting Artists & Tech

2nd Shooter - Photographer

ARD Sound and Light - Mainstage audio

Bluebird Media - Video

Dave Clarke - Samba School audio, tech crew

Nurse Ratched - Photographer

Whitenoise - Graphic Design


Food Traders

Aunt Sandra’s


Crepes To Go


I Love Fudge

Javaman Coffee

Papas Mineral Company

Street Dogs


Town and Country Trading

Tricycle Trading