Tiny Beat & Junior Beat

Have you got a tiny artist in your life? 

Tiny Beat (ages 3-8) is a time for your children to explore their creative side through play. We teach a wide range of art forms including percussion, performance, dance and lots of making!

Junior Beat (ages 9-15) is for children looking for more of a challenge and the oppourtunity to exercise their growing skillset. We teach a lot more drama and making with this group, at the request of the children.

Parents of Tiny Beat kids ("Beatniks"!) get opportunities for their own skills training, making it a great way for you to learn alongside your child as part of a vibrant community.

The content of each of our classes is designed in partnership with the kids (and parents), so get involved and tell us what you'd like to do!

Classes: Tuesdays 6:15-7:45pm
Ages: 3-8 yrs (Tiny Beat) 9-15 yrs (Junior Beat)

For more info, contact Rebecca at workshops@beatcarnival.com