20 August 2014

Get involved in our ‘Made In Belfast’ Carnival Parade

We’re still looking for dancers and singers to take part in our ‘Made In Belfast’ carnival! People of all ages and abilities are welcome so if you’ve ever wanted to dance or sing down the streets of Belfast then take a look at our rehearsal schedule and get involved!

This year’s Urban Ballet performance leads our ‘Made In Belfast’ carnival parade and it’s bigger than last year!

For the dancers and drummers the parade will combine some of the moves and grooves from the 2013 parade with new arrangments while the choir will learn five original songs written by our Musican in Residence, Katie Richardson

For the finale, a mammoth performance of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk crescendos at the steps of St Anne’s Cathedral into a special presentation of Urban Ballet songs, music and a big, big, happy buzz. 

If this sounds like something you want to join in with then please email Rebecca at workshops@beatcarnival.com for further information and a registration form.