2 June 2010

Bongar – Carnival Band in Residency

Grupo Bongar from Olinda, Pernambuco, North East Brazil

Seven members of Bongar are visiting Belfast for Beat’s carnival residency, culminating in performances at the Black Box on Friday at 7.30pm and on Sunday afternoon, and of course the big one is the 19 June Carnival programme.

Bongar will perform in Saturday’s Puppet Picnic parade that sets off through the city centre at 12.30pm. They will play on stage at the Puppet Picnic in the City Hall grounds at 3.30pm, and then give a high-energy performance at the Carnival Party. At the Puppet Picnic music stage, watch out for unique collaboration with local culture when Bongar play with Willie Drennan and the Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra, John Wilson from Taste (and lots more) and Sam Davidson, guitar man with the current Taste!