14 May 2024

ROUTES FROM OUR ROOTS – show & tell discussion, WEDNESDAY 22nd MAY, 7-9pm

ROUTES FROM OUR ROOTS – Beat Carnival’s Belfast Music Heritage Project

*INVITATION* to a show & tell discussion, WEDNESDAY 22nd MAY, 7-9pm

The PROJECT: Communities of Belfast musicians, involved with Beat Carnival, share their cultural stories and create a new music performance that portrays their journey through traditional music routes to contemporary expression.

SUBJECT: What is important for maintaining and celebrating cultural stories?

Our panel of project members will present their music and discuss:
– what it means to be part of a traditional music scene,
– what are the important motivations,
– should communities’ traditional music be rigidly maintained,
– how will the music progress,
– what need is there for contemporary expression and what does that mean?
– Women in community music leadership: what balance of gender representation is there?

PANEL: The project’s four communities-of-interest and the session panel

1. Irish trad: Joe Campbell-McArdle & Catriona Ní Ghribín
2. Belfast marching bands: Gordon Ramsey
3. A world in Belfast: Darren Fergusson, Beyond Skin
4. Belfast meets Brazil: Matt Vernon & Stef Campbell, Beat Carnival

VENUE: Queen’s University Belfast Performance Room, Ground Floor, 13 University Square. DATE, TIME: Wednesday 22nd May, 7-9pm

BOOKING: To attend (free) please book online here