16 June 2009

Funky Carnival Music

The following Musicians and Bands will be involved in this Summer’s Belfast City Carnival.

Funk to the Beat

Samba drummers, instrumentalists, singers and dancers have all joined forces with wonderful jazzer, Barak Schmool from London, to put together an exciting programme of pieces that will be performed from a float during the parade and then on the Carnival Party Music Stage at City Hall.You will recognise the tunes and they will be more upbeat and happenin’ than ever, performed by this BIG Beat band!

The band includes members of

  • Montana Floss
  • Beat’n’Drum
  • maSamba
The Carnival Supergroup

This Belfast Supergroup is made up from members of top up-and-coming bands such as:

  • The Jane Bradfords
  • John Shelly and the Creatures
  • Mojo Fury
  • Katie and the Carnival
  • Cara Cowan
  • John d’Arcy
  • SilouhettE (Shauna Tohill)
  • Steve Toner (Queer Giraffes)
The Guitar Dectet

Ten of Belfast’s best guitar players will be performing a specially composed piece to welcome the parade to City Hall.

Love Music Hate Racism stage

LMHR have programmed 3 top acts to play at the start of the afternoon at City Hall.

  • The Jane Bradfords
  • Ruby Colley
  • The Afresh
Original Music Composed For the Floats This Year

Musicians such as:

  • Phil Watts d’Alton (John Shelly and the Creatures)
  • Ger Gormley (John Shelly and the Creatures)
  • Dominic O’Neill (ex Delawares)
  • Iain Todd

have all been giving their time and creativity to come up with some wonderful pieces that will be played from the floats on the day.

Rory O’Connor helped with recording

  • Beat’n’Drum
  • maSamba
  • Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra
  • and perhaps more!