27 November 2016

Lantern Parade Friday 2nd – Event Information

• SHANKILL SHOOTING STAR — see it up (and down) the road from 3pm.


• FUNFAIR  Outside Co-Op from 3pm. Organised by Greater Shankill ACT.



• At 6pm Shankill Road closes to vehicle traffic at Tennent Street and Peter’s Hill. If you are arriving by car for the parade line-up you should be able to get through. Otherwise, traffic can use Denmark Street-North Boundary Street. After the Parade passes from Lower Shankill, Peter’s Hill will reopen and the Road will close at Agnes Street. The Road reopens after the event at 9pm.

Do not park along Townsend Street.


• You might want to join the Parade at Crimea Street? There is a meeting point at Crimea Street for people who aren’t able to walk from Townsend Street. 



• 5:30 / 6:00 Parade Registration at Townsend Street Presbyterian Church Hall. Groups from 5:30pm. Individuals at 6pm. There are staggered times for groups to arrive.

• Assemble in the Parade line-up at the place you are given at Registration. Lights will be put in lanterns by Beat Carnival Crew.

• 6:30 Parade will leave from Townsend Street at 6:30pm.

• 7:00 Arriving at the Christmas Tree, the procession will disperse in Mountjoy Street (by Shankill Library).

• 8:00 Christmas Lights Switch On. Organised by Greater Shankill ACT.

Music on the Performance Stage from 6:40 to 9:00pm.

Contact Beat Staff (who will wear bright yellow coats / hi-viz vests) if you have any issues throughout the evening

Beat Carnival is not responsible for individuals at any point during the event: all children under 16 should have parental supervision.


LIGHT UP THE ROAD PERFORMANCE STAGE will be at the end of Bellevue Street where it joins Shankill Road, right beside the Christmas Tree.

6:40 Belfast Boys’ Model School drummers, 

7:00 Beatndrum Samba Band & Beatndance, 

7:10 Alive Community Choir

7:25 Shankill Road Defenders Flute Band

7:45 SRDFB +BeatnDrum+ Beyond Skin+ Mauricio Velasierra

8:00 Lights Switch on

8:10 Heel and Ankle Community Theatre Company

8:15 Buffalos Bay for a big finish!