25 November 2017

1st December Event Times & Stage Performances

Light Up The Road event times, 1st December 2017

Times & Stage Performances

Participants and performers please be at Assembly Points by agreed times, generally by 6:15pm. 


Townsend Street & Townsend Street Presbyterian Church Hall

Woodvale Avenue & Woodvale Park Bowling Pavillion, access by Woodvale Avenue park gate

From 6pm, Shankill Road will be closed to traffic above Agnes Street / below Tennent Street

6:30 to 8:30 > MUSIC STAGE at end of Bellevue Street, beside Christmas Tree on Shankill Road

6:45 PARADE leaves from Townsend Street

7:00 PARADE leaves from Woodvale Avenue

Parade participants at stage area between 7:15 – 7:30 

MUSIC STAGE  Christmas music and songs

6:30   Belfast Ukulele Jam

7:25   Alive Choir

7:45   Belfast Guitar Orchestra + BEATnDRUM + Beat Carnival Band

8:00   Holly McCoubrey

8:10   Light Up The Road Ensemble: Finalé festive song with as many as we can fit on stage of BEATnDRUM, Alive Choir, Belfast Guitar Orchestra, Beat Carnival Band, fronted by Holly McCoubrey (plus sing-a-long audience!)


8:15 / 8:20 Christmas Tree Lights switch-on