17 May 2010

Bongar – Brazilian Samba Band

The Beat Carnival are delighted to have our Brazilian Samba Band friends Bongar with us for a two week residency in the lead up to Belfast City Carnival, 19 June 2010.

Bongar de Coco are from North East Brazil. They play traditional and contemporary mixes of Northeast Brazil flavours bringing a high energy performance that guarantees to get everybody dancing. The group was founded in 2001 with the purpose of bringing to stage the traditional party of the Xamba Coco, which has been celebrated in their community for over 40 years, on June 29. Bongar conduct workshops in percussion and folk dance, making instruments, lessons, performances and lectures.

Eight members of the group will be visiting Belfast for our carnival celebrations on 19 June 2010 in an intercultural showcase that will highlight the love of acoustic music that brings out our urge to dance – something the cultures of Brazil and Ireland share. During their residency in Belfast their workshops will introduce people from all sectors of the Community to their style of music and dance of northeast Brazil and will also give them an understanding of the historical and cultural formation of their nation.