22 June 2016

Carnival Village Programme Update – Draw-In

This is additional to the activities in programme already announced and that is being printed.

Belfast Carnival Village 25th June 12 – 6pm, Ormeau Park


Drawing A Crowd 

There will be Village Artists drawing around the site; encouraging others to sketch; and facilitating a ‘draw-in’.

• John Rubery will be present for the whole event, from 12 to 6pm

• Brian John Spencer from 1 to 5pm.

Sandra Robinson, one of our artists in the Art Workshop tents will also take part in the drawing.


We will have drawing materials at the art workshop marquees (no.4 on the map) and there will be a drawing area outside at the ‘Post Office’. If you already enjoy drawing and have your own favourite materials, it would be great 


Drawings will be displayed on the Village Notice Board at the Post Office. 


Carnival Village Draw-in 1:30 to 3:00pm Starting at Post Office

Come along at this time to draw the event / people and then display drawings. The length of time will be flexible, depending on busy-ness. While there will be a base at the Post Office, sketchers can go anywhere to draw. Through the afternoon, John and Brian will work around the site, but for a period after 1:30 it will be good to have a group doing sketching together at, or starting from, the Post Office / Village Green.