26 January 2016

DCAL Arts Strategy 2016-26 Consultation

DCAL Arts Strategy 2016-26 Consultation

Important Consultation on 10-year government Culture & Arts Strategy for Northern Ireland.
The Culture & Arts Minister and Department have their Strategy Consultation document open for public responses. There are a couple of weeks left to submit a response: closing date 12 February 2016 at 17:00. You can respond online or submit an email. See DCAL website, link here.

DCAL Arts Strategy Consultation – MAAF Observations

A Ministerial Arts Advisory Forum was set up by the Minister at the beginning of this process. The thoughts of the Forum are in the document, linked here.
To be clear, this document represents the work of the Forum as it started on the Strategy process. It is not the Strategy Document nor a formal response to the Strategy consultation but describes the directions that the advisory forum was travelling and it may assist people’s thoughts in preparing a response to the Minister.

Arts Strategy Consultation  l  Observations by Ministerial Arts Advisory Forum