12 March 2017

Dippy Goes Walkabout – in Belfast’s St Patrick’s Day Parade

Dippy Diplodocus has been hanging around a long time, waiting for an invite to visit Belfast – like around 150 million years. Well now that the Ulster Museum has arranged for Dippy to come and kip in  the Queen’s Quarter area of the City in 2018, Dippy can’t wait, has gotten itchy feet – and decided to head here right now, this week! Before coming for a longer holiday in 2018, Dippy thought the 2017 St Patrick’s Day Parade would be perfect for taking an early peek at the Belfast peeps! 


Belfast’s St Patrick’s Day Carnival event this Friday, in addition to having a young pig and sheep herder Patrick and the older, more saintly Patrick, has four Parade sections depicting Belfast’s four main Quarters: Cathedral, Gaeltacht, Queen’s and Titanic. The Ulster Museum is a treasure house of Queen’s Quarter and Dippy will proudly head up that Quarter in the Parade.


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