18 March 2010

Join Beat’n’Dance and Our Dance Workshop

Beat’n’Dance Workshops every Thursday!

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To enrol, please contact Damian on 028 9043 4767 or email damian@beatcarnival.com

Beat’n’Dance is a Carnival Dance group who perform choreographed street dance with live musicians and percussionists.

Hosted by the Beat Initiative’s Northern Ireland’s premiere Carnival Company, the aim of this project is to create a performance group of carnival dancers to create a spectacle for carnival, festivals and parades in Northern Ireland and beyond.

A one off master-class workshop by renowned Brasilian dancer Jackson Pinto (The Lion King) in 2009, started with a bang the weekly workshop programme on Thursdays every week, with aims of creating a street performance initially in the Bangor Easter Parade. The group continued to work with Mandinga Arts in London for the Summer Belfast City Carnival and have performed in many festivals and parades since.

Helen Hall took on the role of co-ordinating the dancers, their rehearsals and performances in 2009, and is now back from her baby time sabbatical to take on the role of leading the group again. Just in time to facilitate the Dance workshops in the new beatndance project for the Summer carnival. The theme is Maracatu from NE Brasil, mixed with the traditional drums of the Ulster Scottish… this programme examines the close colonial drumming links the scottish and brasilians have shared in relation to the rope tuned drums and parade styles we share between Northern Ireland and Brasil.

Brasilian Dance Weekender
Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 May 2010

Introducing to you the wonderful Mariana Pinho, Brasilian dancer who is with us for two days bring you the dances of contemporary and traditional Brasil.

Spending half her year based in London travelling around learning and teaching contemporary brasilian dance, and helf her life in the coastal cities of Brasil, Mariana is a motivating and fun workshop teacher who gets the most out of her class in a relaxed and friendly manner, while making sure you get a good workout learning the Maracatu and Bahian style dances of North East Brasil.

Mariana will be returning for the carnival, leading the dance in the choreography with a live traditional music percussion fusion from home and Brasil. Participants in these workshops are invited to take part in the performance on the day.

Saturday 22 May 10am – 5pm 

Breaks with Tea and Coffee

Sunday 23 May 

11am until 3pm

We would rather you be over 18 for these classes and available to attend as much of the sessions as possible. All abilities welcome as this is the first time these styles will be learned in Northern Ireland so everyone is a beginner.

To enrol please contact Damian on 028 9043 4767 or email damian@beatcarnival.com