12 May 2010

Maracatu Ilha Brilho – 26 June Performance

The Ireland Drummers would like to present Maracatu Ilha Brilho (Eel-ya Breel-yo). This is a traditional music project involving three cities from around Ireland. Kilkenn’s Jacare Samba group, Sligo’s Samboeire and Belfast’s Beatndrum have delved into old traditional northeastern brasilian rhythm and song. Led by Tom Duffy of Jacare, a mixture of contemporary beats and old songs not played for about 50 years will hit the streets of Europe this summer.

Co-ordinating workshops between the cities is Damian Mills of Belfast and securing some of the funding for the choice of traditionally made rope tuned drums is Stephanie Pawula of Sligo. Matt Vernon in Belfast is making the beautiful Alfaia drums typical of northeastern Brasil and once played on these shores up to a hundred years ago.

Performances and showcases of this project:
26 June – Drogheda
3 July – Paris

For more information please contact Damian 028 9043 4767.